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Here are some common questions regarding the Broomfield Blitz and BYFA relationship with The Broomfield Football Club.

So are we no longer BYFA and Blitz?
In 2018, BYFA will remain Broomfield Youth Football Association and the BYFA board will remain intact. Broomfield Blitz will remain Broomfield Blitz and the Broomfield Blitz board will remain intact. We have taken the additional step of combining board meetings to make the most of our cooperation.
Are we now considered a 'competitive' league? 

Football is certainly competitive by nature, but as far as league categorization, becoming a part of the Broomfield Football Club provides us with the opportunity to have teams that are classified as both recreational and competitive working together for the common good.

Will Flag change?
Flag will not change at all except that we will now be joining the Broomfield Blitz teams with the BYFA teams.

Will BYFA teams play Blitz teams?
Not at this time. Each individual league will remain affiliated with CCMFL and JMFA respectively.

Will my fees change?
No. There are no additional fees.

What are the long-term goals?

Long-term, we envision that the Broomfield Football Club has teams that support all football players of Broomfield. Eventually the names BYFA and Blitz will go away and we will be one unified Broomfield Football Club league. The transition will be slow and you will be informed all along.